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Passion, experience and quality. These are the words that best identify Milan Bruschette. The company, founded as a French bakery, has been operating in the bakery sector since 1979 and produces bruschette, crostini e piadine that are nutritious, healthy and genuine. What has allowed Marco Parini's company to expand and become a leader in the sector is the quality of every single food combined with a careful selection of raw materials and a purely artisanal processing.

The particularity of the Croccantelli is characterized by the simplicity with which the product is made, that is using healthy ingredients that are not harmful to the body. Bruschetta by Milano Bruschette  is produced without sugar, hydrogenated fats, fried, emulsifiers, dyes, lard and harmful oils but only with flour, 14% olive oil, salt, yeast.

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