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Water and wheat. Simply, Pasta.

Theirs is a dream that comes to life in 2018 a Borgo Pace, a small town in the Tuscan-Umbrian Marche Apennines. Here, from the confluence of two streams, the Meta and the Auro, the Metauro is born. And it is thanks to its clear and rich waters that theirs are cultivated they grow their wheat, their yellow gold. Hence their project: to bring to the table the love for the territory and the quality of its products. The "Pasta from Borgo Pace"It is a young brand, but the experience cannot be improvised is not sudden. Behind us, a family business with more than twenty years of experience in the catering and bakery sector. Now they are ready to bring a new excellence to the table: the Pasta of Borgo Pace. A product of quality product, healthy and genuine. A bronze drawn pasta, particularly suitable for welcoming succulent sauces, thanks to its porosity. A product dried slowly at low temperature, at no more than 40 degrees and for over 20 hours with innovative machinery that reproduce the traditional open-air ventilation system, essential for the degree of elasticity of the pasta and its organoleptic properties. Made with durum wheat semolina from local producers, stone ground to preserve the wheat germ. All of this makes their recipe special.  



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