Why choose Amoeni Loci

This e-commerce was born from the desire to bring the Italian taste of Made in Italy in your home, in your life.

If you appreciate the craftsmanship in the production of food and objects that tell of ancient traditions, you will also appreciate Amoeni Loci.

We chose this Latin name that means Pleasant Place, not only intended as a physical place, but as life experiences and pleasures that combine landscapes, stories and products, to highlight the link between territory of origin and quality of products.

This is what our portal wants to be, a pleasant place where you can buy products of master craftsmen and the real ingredients of Italian cuisine with which to create recipes at home to enjoy with family or friends.

Products that are the expression of a territory, of a culture of beauty and wellness, typical of the wonderful places of an Italy hidden from mass tourism but loved by connoisseurs of all that is "Italian style".

Small producers but with great knowledge unknown to large retailers, who thanks to techniques handed down over the years recreate products marked by the love of those who created them and cared for in detail.

We have personally visited all the selected companies and they are companies that have put the wisdom of tradition with the technique to ensure a quality product out of the standard.

About us

Roberta Crescentini

Having moved to Vienna (Austria) from Pesaro (Italy) for family reasons, I wanted to maintain contact with Italy and especially with Le Marche, my region. My working life has always been dedicated to the promotion of Italian companies abroad. I have held positions of promotion of small businesses in my area, for which I have also been awarded several times. As in the photo above, where the mayors of my Province together with the President of the Chamber of Commerce present me with the award for the development of the artisan sector. A life dedicated to small businesses that I continue to help promote outside Italy.

Laura Galassi

Born in Milan (Italy) but Pesaro by adoption, after studying at Bocconi University in Milan, I obtained a Master in Business Administration in the United States and I am an accredited consultant for the EU. I have been working in the field of internationalization for about 20 years, providing consultancy for the definition of marketing plans, commercial and distribution strategies, mainly aimed at exports. I have actively participated in the work of the Coordination Table in support of the internationalization of female businesses, established at the Ministry of Economic Development.