Cibidamare Srl was founded in 2017 as a company dedicated to the processing and marketing of fish products, but its origins date back to eighty years ago, with the foundation of the Coomarpesca - Fishermen's cooperative of Fano. In 1939, in fact, a group of fishermen joined together to create the Coomarpesca. The cooperative was (and still is) responsible for providing its members with naval supplies, diesel, ice and any other need related to the fisheries  sector. In 1978, Coomarpesca's first innovative project started, with an investment aimed at the purchase of a automarket, a means of transport equipped with all the necessary equipment for the transport of fish. Thanks to this, fishermen took it to the inland towns of Fano and Pesaro, to promote the consumption of blue fish, a type of fish very common in the Adriatic Sea, and to offer tastings of fish cooked at the moment on grills. Thus was born the Pesce Azzurro brand and the self-service formula combined with the offer of a fixed price menu, extremely low, which immediately met with great success. The fish cooked by fishermen cooks and the high quality of raw materials are the strengths of the Pesceazzurro brand. From this solid reality and from the experience and care put into the transformation of the fish product, is born the Cibidamare Srl, a company totally controlled by Pesceazzurro, which is its sole shareholder.


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