Sometimes we accept unpleasant things only for laziness in choices and not or bad taste. Instead it is always a choice to live away from the metropolis and close to the countryside, as did Oscar and Claudia, who work in a place that seems suspended outside of time, but from which they are ready to be in the world and in the present time, to be able to participate in what is positive in it. An artist personality , that of Oscar Maschera, that corresponds to a person who loves to be together with others and share with them the things he likes. And sharing them also means ensuring that others can have them. This is why the choice of a remote and not easy "craft", to do with your own hands, inventing something concrete in ways that renew past forms. The artist, in order to create the objects designed, becomes a craftsman and performs eternal and simple gestures, concretizing his abstractions and those of the designer in an ancient material like leather. Being able to dress ideas, doing fascinating and useful things: this is the magic of Oscar and he does it by proposing objects that, in new forms, always lead to a recognizable function. The leather, robust and soft, which matures over time like wood and wine, like brandy and cheeses, is a material that lends itself to a lively relationship with the person and with the things to which it is placed side by side: it takes on the scent and gives its own. It protects, collects and changes shape, because it keeps something of the life it had. The Past experiences of working with leather, with everyday objects transformed in their own line by the material in which they were made (baskets, boxes, trays, objects for the desk, small furniture, as well as bags and cases of course) have brought Oscar to current production. Warmth and functionality, naturalness and purity of lines: an apparent series of opposites that this collection upsets by summing all the positive meanings.  Freedom is beauty: because the quality of life is also a spiritual condition. It is not easy to think of beauty when one is forced to live in the midst of neglected objects and in oppressive places, yet beautiful things are not always more difficult or even inaccessible to obtain.  


 If you want to know more: https://www.oscarmaschera.com/