We leave to Serafini Guido the task of introducing himself:

“A craftsman like me is in total antithesis with the throwaway culture. My goal is to make things beautiful and well done: in a workmanlike manner.

Conceived and built to last over time and are even handed down.

In more than forty years of work, I have never betrayed my philosophy, which is both life and work "

It is important to highlight that the raw material that is used for its creations is exclusively


  • Guaranteed by the consortium brand: “genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather” which groups all vegetable-tanned leathers whether they are pork, bovine, goat, etc.
  • Vegetable tanning is the equivalent of organic in food and therefore more environmentally friendly than eco-leather which is actually plastic and therefore not ecological.
  • It is suitable for contact with humans because it is free of heavy metals, chromium and formaldehyde, which are usually present in traditional treats.
  • The colors are obtained from plant extracts (red = poppy, yellow = mimosa etc.) and the extraction of tannins is carried out in such a way as not to impoverish the woodland.
  • Vegetable leather is therefore completely biodegradable and also suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • 100% Italian from raw to finished product
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